Books! Books! Books! {Driftless Books and Music} Viroqua WI – Bookstore Photography

Have you ever wondered what thousands of used, and dare I say antique, books would look like all in one place? Mark recently photographed such a place. Driftless Books and Music is a very unique new and used book store located in Viroqua, WI. With modern and eclectic art strewn amongst old and new titles, it is a book lover’s paradise! Enjoy a cup of coffee, conversation with other book aficionados and on some occasions, music from local artists! Though our images do a great job of showing the uniqueness of this store, you really need to stop in and see the space for yourself. Bring the kiddos too! They have a great selection of books for kids and some great toys for them to be entertained while you peruse the shelves for treasures of your own. Have books you are no longer connected to? The great folks at Driftless Books and Music will offer you a fair price and possibly even trade you book for book (granted, there may be limitations for the antique and rare titles).


DriftlessBooks_web--5 DriftlessBooks_web--4 DriftlessBooks_web--2

Before I leave you with the rest of the images, Eddy, who owns the book store, mentioned that they are hoping to rent the book store for small events and meetings. So if you are in the need of a unique space to host a small event or gathering, please give them a call! This space is truly unique and you should really check them out once they open up in the spring (it’s a little chilly in there right now, although the guys are hard at work fulfilling orders during this cold weather!). If you are in dire need of a new read, you can check out some of the books they have at the Driftless Trader located in the Fortney Hotel building in downtown Viroqua.DriftlessBooks_web- DriftlessBooks_web-9629 DriftlessBooks_web-9643 DriftlessBooks_web-9658 DriftlessBooks_web-9671 DriftlessBooks_web-9674 DriftlessBooks_web-9736 DriftlessBooks_web-9730 DriftlessBooks_web-9727 DriftlessBooks_web-9739 DriftlessBooks_web-9745 DriftlessBooks_web-9751 DriftlessBooks_web-9763 DriftlessBooks_web-9680 DriftlessBooks_web-9705 DriftlessBooks_web-9792 DriftlessBooks_web-9783


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